Community Guidelines

August 19, 2013

Usage by the general public and State of Michigan (SOM) employees of the MiIdeas crowdsourcing platform is intended as an extension of traditional channels of engagement and transparency. Communication on this social platform is a two-way conversation; however all posts are subject to moderation and we reserve the right to remove user generated content or comments at our discretion.

Posts may be removed for any of the following, or other undefined reasons, at any time:

  • The use of obscene, threatening, discriminatory or harassing language
  • Disclosure of information which is confidential by law or regulation
  • Comments advocating illegal activity or posts violating copyrights or trademarks
  • Advertisement or promotion of commercial products, services, entities or individuals
  • Endorsement or opposition of any person campaigning for election to a political office or promoting or opposing any ballot proposition
  • Duplicative comments by the same user or multiple users. In the case of identical comments, we will approve the first submission only.
  • Submissions outside the scope of the intended Campaign will be moved to the miscellaneous/off topic area.

Keep in mind all users, including administrators, are subject to the Terms of Service (TOS) of the host site. Communications made through social technology in no way constitute a legal or official notice to the State of Michigan, its agencies, officials or employees. References to third party content or websites do not indicate endorsement or responsibility on behalf of the SOM.


TIPS for community engagement:

  • Stay true to the topic/campaign category – avoid being “flagged” by ensuring your idea is in the correct “bucket”
  • Be specific and tangible – the clearer your thought is, the easier it is for leadership to properly evaluate it for timely implementation
  • “Tag” your ideas – is it region specific? Is it Data specific? What about a key topic? Include a tag to allow other community members to search your idea
  • Stay active – the closing and introduction of campaign categories will be happening on a regular basis. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your voice heard!